The following is a list of questions that will help O’Connell Landscape meet your needs in your landscaping project and help us prepare for your onsite consultation. Please address each question as thoroughly as you can. You may find that filling out this survey gives you additional ideas or insights into your projects desired elements or scope.

Even partial answers will help; you may also need to check more than one answer, where appropriate. Remember you don’t need to fill out everything on this survey — please do not feel intimidated by it. We are just trying to get you to think about the elements for your project and we have found this to be a very helpful way to solicit your input. You will be surprised at all the ideas you have, and together we can bring them to reality in your beautiful new garden.

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1. Where do you need work done?

Back Yard
Front Yard  

1b. What hardscape elements were you considering/interested in for your landscape project?  

[View our Hardscape Portfolio]  

Concrete Patio
For More Info Check our (.pdf guide)

  Flagstone/Tile Patio   Compacted Gravel   Paver Patio  

Pathways/Access System?       

[Pathways Portfolio]  
Stepping Stone Path   Steps Up/Down Hillside   Concrete Paths      
Retaining Walls?       
[Walls Portfolio]  
Stone Retaining Walls   Hillside Terracing   Walls with Seating   Decorative Stone Veneer  
[Woodwork Portfolio]  
Shade Arbor   Decorative Woodwork   Entrance Gates   Decking  
Perimeter Fencing   Railing   Privacy Fencing   Wall/Fence Combo  
Water Features?       
[Special Features Portfolio]   
Pond   Waterfall   Drilled Stone/Boulder   Pots, Urns or Precast Fountains  
Outdoor Living?        
Barbeque Island   Firepit/Outdoor Fireplace   Other      
Pathway Lighting   Uplighting for Trees   Downlighting for Outdoor Living Areas   Wall or Step Lights  

2. Do you have pictures from garden magazines, such as Sunset or Better Homes and Gardens, that you believe would show us your ideas for landscaping your home?

Yes No

3. Do you want a very low maintenance landscape?

Yes No

4. Please check off the various factors to be considered in the area to be landscaped:

Area has south or west exposure and is very  sunny Area has some deep shade
oak or other big  trees
Very windy Needs screening for privacy  
Need a vegetable garden area Needs garden and pathway
 Lighting area Includes a slope or hillside
Area has weed problems Existing landscape looks dead in winter  
Area has drainage problems Children need a play area
Area has problems with...   deer
Area has no irrigation or needs upgrading

dog or

Soil needs special attention    

5. What style or styles of landscaping do you prefer?

Xeriscape: plants that require low water use and tend to be drought-tolerant.
Formal: plants that are suited for formal pruning
Country: plants that are used to create a rustic look reminiscent of rural areas and ranches
Mediterranean: plants native to the Mediterranean region. Plants that fit Italian Villa style.
Japanese: plants commonly used in Oriental Landscapes.
English: plants typically used in English Cottage gardens.
Desert: plants that fit a desert setting.
Tropical/Subtropical: plants that grow well in this climatic condition/evoke a tropical setting

6. Are there examples of landscaping in your neighborhood that you would like us to look at that represent your idea of a beautifully landscaped home?


Are there any particular gardens or styles that you want to emulate for this project-
Examples: Wineries, notable local gardens?

7. What kind of soil do you have?

Don’t know

8. What kind of maintenance schedule would you like?
Note: Plants such as roses and annual flowers require more maintenance than ivy or iceplant.


9. What kind(s) of trees do you prefer?

Shade Deciduous
Evergreen only Broad-leafed evergreen
Conifer Fruit
Unusual shape or bark Flowering ornamental
Patio Palms
Specimen Deer resistant
Any type is okay    

10. What kind(s) of shrubs/plants do you prefer?

Flowering Berries
Evergreen Deciduous
Variegated foliage Low-growing
Large Ground covers Ornamental Grasses
Deer resistant Any type is okay

11. Do you want a lawn?

 Front yard  Back yard  
 What size would you like? Large Medium Small  

11b. Renovate or re-sod existing lawn?


In the…

Front yard    
Back yard    
Do you have a dog? Male       Female
Do you have large shade trees in the area? Yes  
Have you had problems growing grass in this area before? Yes No

12. Green Your Landscape- Are you interested in environmental best practices and approaches to your landscape installation?

Find out more about our Sustainable Best Practices we use on our projects (opens in new window)

Rain shut-off sensors
Gray Water Drainage Systems
Weather adaptive Sprinkler Controlers
Cisterns/Water Collection

13. Growth rate preference for trees & shrubs:

Slow (most conifers)
Doesn't Matter

14. Do you have a color preference for blossoms or leaves on shrubs/perennials?

 Blue  White
 Pink  Orange
 Purple  Yellow/Gold
 Red  Silver
 Any color    
 Blue  White
 Pink  Orange
 Purple  Yellow/Gold
 Red  Silver
 Any color    

15. Are there any plants you dislike or to which you are allergic?

Are you allergic to bees? Yes

17. What is your construction budget?
Having a budget in mind for your project helps us in creating an estimate that fits what you want to spend, and helps guide the development of the project. Frequently we do projects where we plan for the entire project and then divide it into stages to be implemented over time.

Looking for more information on setting a budget for your project? Read our blog post ,
How Much Does it Cost - Budget & Landscape Projects, for a quick guide to landscape project cost.

* Note: Our smallest projects during the busy season are typically are in the $20,000 and up range. We find that below that range for smaller scopes we are not the most cost effective. We know that for many people starting out planning their project, they don't have a good idea of total cost for landscaping. If you have questions please call or email to discuss in more detail.

I have a specific budget or target figure in mind
under $5,000
Above $150,000

18. Do you have a Plan from another Contractor or Designer Already?


19. Is this a new home (i.e. a yard with no existing landscape)?


20. How is the access to the site (back yard, front yard, etc.)?

Easy Access- Lots of room to enter and exit for Materials and Equipment
Difficult Access- Narrow side yards or access Gates, or other constricted elements
Steep- The Area to be worked on is at the top/bottom of a steep hill
Small area for Storing/Staging Materials and Parking
Narrow Roads- Roadways are narrow and difficult to maneuver truck or equipment

21. What do you dislike about your current landscape?

22. What is your timeframe for starting the project?

In the next month
Next 3 months
6 Months

23. What needs or desires do you have for your future landscape?

24. Are you doing other improvements to your residence?

25. Do you enjoy gardening, if so how much time do you want to spend?

Contact Information

Work Phone
Home Phone
Cell Phone
The best time to phone you Daytime Evening
Specific time
E-mail Address
Please give an E-mail address if possible. E-mail addresses are never used or sold for unsolicited mail.
Do you prefer to be contacted by Phone or Email? Phone Email

Typical consultation times are Monday-Friday. Would you prefer a daytime, evening appointment for your free consultation (please put a specific time)?


Do you have any additional Comments or Ideas to help us improve our survey?

Where did you hear about us?

Past Client Referral
Our Petaluma Office
Other Internet Search
Other Contractor Referral
Before Submitting please review your information make sure you Name & Contact info was included. Only press the submit button once.

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